Ali Wallick

Game Developer


Prodigal: A Game Boy Advance Game


Prodigal is a game made for the GameBoy Advance and written in C. All design, programming, and art (with the exception of the opening and closing pictures) was done by me. The sprite for the game was derived from another for leg placement reference, but has been redrawn entirely to fit the GameBoy. Music is by Sabrepulse.

This game tells the story of a wolf who has left its pack for food and now seeks to return home (hence the referenced biblical parable.) To win, he must cover the distance between the starting location and the pack while retaining energy. To get energy, the wolf must hunt, represented in a different hunting screen (right).

To play: use the left and right arrow keys to run. Running right will bring you closer to your pack (see "Distance" key on top). If your energy runs low (upper left) you must hunt using the "A" key (usually "Z" on an emulator.) Hunting changes the game to a top-down view, in which you may run anywhere except the mountains and find the rabbit that is also running around. If you catch the rabbit before the Timer runs out (upper right), your energy will increase. If not, your energy will lower due to the time wasted hunting. Finally, if you make it to the end without your energy running out, you win!