Ali Wallick

Game Developer


Secret Garden


Augmented Reality is a technology where users use computing devices to view the real world, and information displays based on the location of the said device. Handheld augmented reality games build worlds on top of real-world images for the user to interact with in a novel way.

Secret Garden is a handheld augmented reality game where players must guide a girl through a hedge maze projected on a paper while avoiding traps and enemies. Players control the game by placing special markers onto the maze that create plants to change the girl's movement. For example, a bamboo marker will block off a path and change the girl's direction. In addition to completing the maze, players may also gather the three loaves of bread scattered throughout each maze to increase their ranking for that level.

This game was created by Rose Peng, Robert Spessard, and myself for Qualcomm's Augmented Reality Game Studio at Georgia Tech. Secret Garden was created in the Unity engine using Qualcomm's augmented reality plugin and runs on Android phones.



Programming Secret Garden was done by Robert and myself. Personally, I took on the grid/node system of the game as well as the automatic movement of the girl. I also implemented the Qualcomm AR plugin, and imported and connected the graphics made by our artist, Rose.


The game design was created collaboratively by all group members. Together we created the central mechanic, as well as the varieties of enemies and plants, and the secondary goal system. I designed the level currently in the game, and future levels are expected to be implemented.

Secret Garden at Qualcomm Augmented Reality Game Studio