Ali Wallick

Game Developer


Vegas Blvd Slots


Vegas Blvd Slots is a mobile slots game built in the Unity engine. Currently it contains over 50 slot machines with many different features and bonus games. Vegas Blvd Slots also has meta features such as daily and weekly rewards, social gifting, and leagues. More machines and features are planned for release in 2019!

I've been working on various casino-type games since starting at MobilityWare, including the previous slots iteration "Hot Streak Slots", which I helped to port from native iOS to Unity for release on multiple platforms. Additionally I created games for an untitled Casino app, including blackjack, video poker, and keno.

On Vegas Blvd Slots, I've been contributing to programming all over the client (with occasional minor sever work). This includes engineering support for new slot machines, along with developing their features and bonus games. Meta-features are another feature I've contributed on with projects such as multiplayer tournaments. I've also been architecting systems for live ops control of the game, such as a server-controllable store, and deltaDNA eventing and in-app messaging/carousels with customizable text. Finally, I've been leading projects for various requirements such as GDPR support and Unity version updates.

Developing for Vegas Blvd Slots has given me a fascinating view into a complex world that I never knew existed. There's an incredible amount of depth to slot machines and I'm loving getting to learn about it!

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